Sunday, December 27, 2015

We finally got to open our Secret Paws!

Hi everyone from Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal!  

We finally, finally got to open our Secret Paws presents!  They came early, but our tradition is to wait until Christmas to open everything.  It was so hard to wait!

Thank you so much to all the kitties at Tomcat Commentary by Tim - Rumpy, Fitz, Einstein, Budddy, Buttons and Toby and Tim!  We loved our presents.  Momma got lots of pictures of us to share since we waited so long.  

Charlemagne:  wow - three packages!

Tamar:  Hmmm - this one smells extra special good.

Mal:  Which one do we open first?  One of the smelly ones!

Mal:  Oh yay!  It's salmon treats - I loves salmon treats!

Charlemagne:  Let me smell them before they get opened!

Tamar:  You're right - they smell awesome!

Mal:  Temptations!  Those are pretty tasty, too!

Charlemagne - Let me at 'em.  I love my Temptations - I think I'll try to keep this whole bag for me!

Mal:  Momma, since I'm the youngest, can I go first?  There's so many cool presents here!

I got a cool Christmas card!  Maybe I'll check out Charlemagne's package instead.  Or maybe I'll open mine, like a good boy.

Wow, Momma - look at all of these cools toys and catnip!  Yay for catnip!

I'll say thank you to the picture of the kitties - they sure sent a lot of fun stuff!

Hey Momma, I think you and the little furless brofur will like this dancing Santa!

Hi Momma - I'll just horn in on Tamar's picture time - she's not much for taking pictures, remember?  And I look so regal!

Tamar:  Charlemagne, it's my turn - you need to wait!  

Oh - what a pretty card!  It's so nice to get to see all of the kitties and I love the special blue background!

I love all of my new blue toys!  I'm going to have such fun!  I can't wait to bat them all around the house!

Hey Momma, it looks like you and the little guy got a dancing snowman, too!

Charlemagne:  Is it finally my turn?  Sometimes, being the oldest is no fun!

Hey, I got a great Christmas card, too!  Look at all of the kitties in the picture!  We wouldn't sit together that long ever. 

Oh my - I got a nip cigar and lots of fun toys to chase!  I'm going to have so much fun with these!

Momma, there's some happy face magnets for you, too!  Maybe you can use them to hang up pictures of me?

We love getting to be part of Secret Paws each year and we really appreciate all of the thought that went into our gifts!  We hope that everyone had a Meowy Christmouse and that you all have a Purry New Year!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal


  1. ohhhhhh...what a totally pawsome set of pressies. Timmy and his crew know just what all of us kitties adore!

  2. What great pressies you got from Timmy and his Furramily! You all will have fun with all those toys!

  3. What a nice Secret Paws package.

    Thank you for participating in Secret Paws this year.

  4. What a terrific idea for Christmas gifts for your precious pets. The cats in the pictures are so cute! I have two black short haired cats myself and I usually bring them home some left over turkey, but I never thought about getting them a gift before. Thanks to you, now I definitely will.

    Kurt Bohling @ Philadelphia Mail Room