Wednesday, December 30, 2015

And our Secret Paws is....Laila & Minchie!

You guys!

We are so excited to announce the fabulous identity of our Secret Paw which is, if you haven't read the title already (titles are for lazy people), Laila and Minchie!!   (Appaws, appaws, appaws.)

Let's take a look at the fabulous variety of things we found inside our box!
Louie refused to wait and dug right into the wrapped gifts. Each one was kindly wrapped in a lovely Christmas-themed, easy to tear, tissue paper.
Louie unwrapped the nip naner and Pinckle promptly took it, as seen above.
I certainly wasn't going to be left out and so...
I had a turn with that naner, as well.
Pinckle decided she wasn't finished with it yet...
but I was NOT ready to give it back quite yet.  Don't I look fierce there under the lights? God, I look SO cool. Anyway.... There was also a nip cigar, which Peabody had her way with
and a nip fish, too.
As well as several tasty bags of kitty treats, a delicious peppermint not-for-cats for MomFOD, and even something for Doodle.
She was very pleased to not be left out.
A super big thank you to our Secret Paw, our friends over at Cat a Holic blog Laila and Minchie.
Thanks, guys!!  We loved it!

Crepes (and Pinckle, Louie, Niles, Mrs. P, Doodle, and MomFOD.)

PS. Niles also got in on the action but he's hard to photograph and wished to remain anonymous while indulging in his nip habit. He can be so old fashioned some times.

Breaking News: My Secret Paws Is CODY!

Well, it took my Human long enough to get around to helping me open my furry exciting Secret Paws package as she's been gallivanting hither and yon having sordid little affairs with other kitties. But yesterday I took her in paw and gave her the what-for and said there'd be h-e-double-hockey-sticks to pay if I did not get to open my package!

It was from the utterly fabulous Caren & Cody of Cat Chat fame, all the way back in Snow Country, USA!

It looked innocuous enough in its brown paper wrapping:
And although you can't really tell from this picture, I think Cody used up about 16-1/2 rolls of packing tape sealing that sucker shut, MOL!

After I (or, to be fair, the Human and her thumbs) used a giant pair of very sharp scissors, the alluring contents were revealed:
(And please note whose name was first on the card--mine, in case you can't see it very well.)

And then, and then, and THEN, the contents were revealed in all their glory:
We had said in our Secret Paws questionnaire that my favorite color was red and that I loved wand toys best, and Cody came through with flying colors on the toy selection! There were two Dr. Seuss wand toys, and a red birdie one that (now listen to this!) warbles!

So then this morning I got to play with one of my new toys and it was most excellent:
After a good session with RedBird, it was time for my nap (the Human says I am a Lazy Player, but I say I am just conserving energy for later). I can see many play sessions in my future!

The card was adorable and signed by Cody himself (well, purrhaps he had a little assistance), and the Cat vs. Human calendar is hilarious, although there's  no doubt who will win that contest, right, Kitties?

XOXOXO from Spitty and His Human

Monday, December 28, 2015

Look What We Got! Thank You Secret Paws!!

Sisi here:
Oh my catness! Before I forget, thank you to Christy Paws and Family.  I was told they were our Secret Paws.  My name is Sisi and I am a guest at Angel Smokey's house while my human is away in another land.  I have NEVER gotten any presents and here are some, not all, of the pictures:

Is this for me? It smells delicious!
I'm in love with a box!
I don't know what you are but I'm never letting you go!
I'll play nice, leave this for the older guy...
Meet my new love...Chiquita!
Lazarito here:  I'm the Elder Statescat of the House and I can't believe all the wonderful aromas coming from the Secret Paws!!  Being a gentleman cat, I let our guest, Sisi, open the box first.  The Kind Lady (aka Mom) did not let us open all the gifts, she says we get to open them all on New Year's Day.  But here are a few of my photos:
Hello, what's this? Very nice aroma...
Oh I haven't been so excited since I was a kitten!
Lazarito and Sisi, the Guest

Mudpie's Very First Secret Paws!

Meows from Mudpie!!!

I've been waiting for what seems like forever, but on our blog today I wrote all about my very first Secret Paws! You can check out all of the pawsome gifts I received from Toffee Ripple and her wonderful mom Jessica with loads of pictures right here.

Mommy and I both want to thank Toffee and Jessica so very much for their thoughtful, generous, and purr-fectly wonderful gifts. We couldn't have asked for a better Secret Paws and can hardly wait to do it again next year!

Thank you Secret Paws from As the World Purrs!

Gus:  The Mama FINALLY let us open our gifts from our Secret Paws, the Farm Cats at the Broken Teepee!

We got a really great wand toy!

With lots and lots and lots of feather replacements.  I don't think I've ever seen so many feathers in one place!

We got some super, duper, yummy treats!

 The big hit with all of us with the catnip kicker.  Jaq wanted to show you some action shots.

 The Mama wasn't forgotten either.  She got a cool watch and a key chain.  Plus, she got several bars of Priscilla, the goat's famous Happy Goat Soap (You should go get some for yourself at their Etsy store).  Priscilla lives on the farm with Harry and all the other Farm Cats.

 Thank you so much, Stinky, Pumpkin, Sherpa, and Harry!!!!  We LOVE our presents!

Gus, Pearl, Jaq and Jenny
As the World Purrs

Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Best Feline Girl Friend IS MY SECRET PAW!!


We were gobsmacked to find that our Secret Paw was none other than my very own BFGF (best feline girl friend) Cathy Keisha!

And Oh My Cat did she deliver!!

While I snoozed...

TKS opened and inspected the package..."This will be mine!"

And she was right, at least in her own little mind...

Mine, mine, mine!!!
I arrived just in time to claim a couple of items for my very own.

And then I was gobsmacked to see Mom L open a pressie...and it was for HER!

A beautiful, warm and soft scarf with PAW TRACKS all over it! Totally pawsome!

Whatever power in the Universe gave us my BFGF as our Secret Paw, we are grateful. Our favorite Russian Blue and white gal and her TW are just the best, and so thoughtful.


Sweet Loot

Woo woo, I got a ton of sweet loot for Christmas thanks to my new secret paws friends, Grizzy and Sophie from  They sure know how to make a dood happy.  The best part was the new wet food dish, with the fish bones on it, my dry food bowl has fish bones on it too, so it matches great

They have good taste in toys too, they sent this little nip toy and a wand toy.  I can't leave out the tasty temptations, they found some cool new ones that roll, I'd never had those before.

Of course playing in the wrapping paper was my favorite part of our Christmas morning festivities.

We finally got to open our Secret Paws!

Hi everyone from Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal!  

We finally, finally got to open our Secret Paws presents!  They came early, but our tradition is to wait until Christmas to open everything.  It was so hard to wait!

Thank you so much to all the kitties at Tomcat Commentary by Tim - Rumpy, Fitz, Einstein, Budddy, Buttons and Toby and Tim!  We loved our presents.  Momma got lots of pictures of us to share since we waited so long.  

Charlemagne:  wow - three packages!

Tamar:  Hmmm - this one smells extra special good.

Mal:  Which one do we open first?  One of the smelly ones!

Mal:  Oh yay!  It's salmon treats - I loves salmon treats!

Charlemagne:  Let me smell them before they get opened!

Tamar:  You're right - they smell awesome!

Mal:  Temptations!  Those are pretty tasty, too!

Charlemagne - Let me at 'em.  I love my Temptations - I think I'll try to keep this whole bag for me!

Mal:  Momma, since I'm the youngest, can I go first?  There's so many cool presents here!

I got a cool Christmas card!  Maybe I'll check out Charlemagne's package instead.  Or maybe I'll open mine, like a good boy.

Wow, Momma - look at all of these cools toys and catnip!  Yay for catnip!

I'll say thank you to the picture of the kitties - they sure sent a lot of fun stuff!

Hey Momma, I think you and the little furless brofur will like this dancing Santa!

Hi Momma - I'll just horn in on Tamar's picture time - she's not much for taking pictures, remember?  And I look so regal!

Tamar:  Charlemagne, it's my turn - you need to wait!  

Oh - what a pretty card!  It's so nice to get to see all of the kitties and I love the special blue background!

I love all of my new blue toys!  I'm going to have such fun!  I can't wait to bat them all around the house!

Hey Momma, it looks like you and the little guy got a dancing snowman, too!

Charlemagne:  Is it finally my turn?  Sometimes, being the oldest is no fun!

Hey, I got a great Christmas card, too!  Look at all of the kitties in the picture!  We wouldn't sit together that long ever. 

Oh my - I got a nip cigar and lots of fun toys to chase!  I'm going to have so much fun with these!

Momma, there's some happy face magnets for you, too!  Maybe you can use them to hang up pictures of me?

We love getting to be part of Secret Paws each year and we really appreciate all of the thought that went into our gifts!  We hope that everyone had a Meowy Christmouse and that you all have a Purry New Year!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal