Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Breaking News: My Secret Paws Is CODY!

Well, it took my Human long enough to get around to helping me open my furry exciting Secret Paws package as she's been gallivanting hither and yon having sordid little affairs with other kitties. But yesterday I took her in paw and gave her the what-for and said there'd be h-e-double-hockey-sticks to pay if I did not get to open my package!

It was from the utterly fabulous Caren & Cody of Cat Chat fame, all the way back in Snow Country, USA!

It looked innocuous enough in its brown paper wrapping:
And although you can't really tell from this picture, I think Cody used up about 16-1/2 rolls of packing tape sealing that sucker shut, MOL!

After I (or, to be fair, the Human and her thumbs) used a giant pair of very sharp scissors, the alluring contents were revealed:
(And please note whose name was first on the card--mine, in case you can't see it very well.)

And then, and then, and THEN, the contents were revealed in all their glory:
We had said in our Secret Paws questionnaire that my favorite color was red and that I loved wand toys best, and Cody came through with flying colors on the toy selection! There were two Dr. Seuss wand toys, and a red birdie one that (now listen to this!) warbles!

So then this morning I got to play with one of my new toys and it was most excellent:
After a good session with RedBird, it was time for my nap (the Human says I am a Lazy Player, but I say I am just conserving energy for later). I can see many play sessions in my future!

The card was adorable and signed by Cody himself (well, purrhaps he had a little assistance), and the Cat vs. Human calendar is hilarious, although there's  no doubt who will win that contest, right, Kitties?

XOXOXO from Spitty and His Human


  1. Spitty love that red fevver toy! Way to make Mom work :) How cool that it chirps!

  2. Whoa! They did you good! Caren and Cody know what mancats love. I won’t believe Cody used more tape on the package then a certain Human from San Fran. You shoulda seen TW trying to open that!

  3. Bwwwah about the tape!! Mom said she is sooooooooo sorry but she couldn't find a box wide enough for the calendar and long enough for the wand toys!! MOL MOL MOL!!!! Mom wanted to get you treats Spitty, but your list of "likes" specifically stated that you did NOT want treats! Mom felt bad because she wanted to get you more stuff but wanted to respect your wishes about what you like and what you don't like! That bird looks sooooooooo cute with you!! So glad you liked your prezzies! Love ya pal! Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Such a nice Secret Paws package. Thank you for participating in Secret Paws this year.

  5. Such a nice Secret Paws package. Thank you for participating in Secret Paws this year.

  6. Actually I DID miss happy you liked it! I think I was looking for it on the blog :)