Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Getting our Secret Paws package all ready to go

Hi everyone!

We've been busy tonight.  We helped Momma and little human brother get our Secret Paws package all ready to go to the people in the blue uniforms tomorrow.

Charlemagne:  I have to inspect everything before it even comes out of the bag.

Mal:  There are a lot of goodies here, Momma.  I bet that our Secret Paws will like everything!  I know I would!

Tamar:  Momma, I think we got a nice bunch of presents.  I officially give my approval for you to package all of these goodies up and send them tomorrow.

We sure hope that our Secret Paws pal likes all of the goodies and has a very Meowy Christmouse and a Purry New Year!  We can't wait to see pictures of them opening it.  

Now we need to go work on our letters to Santa.  What new toys and yummy goodies should we ask for?  Time for kitty meditation on the subject.......


  1. There are some lucky kitties out there somewhere

  2. Those are some great kitty approved gifts!

  3. Approval is key, and we're happy to see you approved, Tamar! Have a wonderful Chrissymouse!