Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Secret Paws No More - The Gifts are Out of the Box!

My very own box... It's EXACTLY what I wanted for Christmas!

Hey everyone! Rolz from Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles here! And Oh My Cat, but do I ever have news to share! It was so weird, but out of absolutely NOWHERE a purr-fectly pawsome box was delivered to me (and apparently the rest of my feline family, but that's not the point) from the Jasper McKitten-Cats. I have no idea why they would be sending me a box - my human screamed something about a Secret Paws - but I know for a fact none of us cats asked for paws this Christmas, secret or not. Anyhow, it was one of those dream boxes that I had on my Cat-mas list - you know the kind - the kind that only us cats understand - the kind that sits on the kitchen counter and is just the right size for us to curl up on for a long and comfortable nap.

I had always wanted one of my very own as clearly all the cat beds, blankets, pillows and more that are all over our house are completely sub par, so you can only imagine my excitement, when just like that one showed up at our door!

I gotta tell you people, after a few days of us kitties taking turns with it to break it in (including one episode where Peanut threw up on top of it as a result of eating her dinner too fast) it really was simply amazing. It was starting to burst at the seams from the weight of us napping on it and after several days it was so perfectly broken in that I claimed it exclusively for myself and decided not to let anyone else nap on it.

Peanut is doing a great job breaking that box in... Don't worry, the human cleaned up the throw-up!

Fine Kizmet - you can sleep there... For a minute...
Okay! That's enough! Get off my box now! And um, thanks...
Ah... Much better! My beloved box is back!
Imagine my shock and horror when one day out of nowhere the human took out a pair of scissors and slit the box open like a heartless monster! That caused such a ruckus that all us kitties came running to see what she was doing to MY box! Out spilled the guts - a mountain of objects wrapped in Christmas paper. I immediately knew it was Christmas paper because I had been a Christmas paper eating connoisseur in years past.

OMC! My box just threw up a bunch of stuff wrapped in Christmas paper!

After closer inspection there was no denying it! There was cat contraband inside the wrappings! I could smell the catnip from a mile a way and was nearly high just from whiffing the paper! My box soon became a forgotten memory as I decided to let everyone help in opening the gifts!! Toy after toy after toy for us - some with catnip, some with feathers, and we even got a glitter pom-pom ball, which in our house, especially for Kizmet, is the best prize of all! We also got some cat treats to snack on and I must say, all in all, it really was worth it to destroy that old box.

Hmmmm.... Wait a minute! I think there's catnip in those packages! 

Oh yeah.... Zee confirms that we got the good stuff!
We also now understand what a Secret Paws is - this was the first year we ever participated and we thank Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear, and Maggie from the McKitten-Cats so, so much for such pawsome and thoughtful gifts! Thank you also to Mom Paula for coordinating the whole event!

Love and purrs from Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Kizmet, and Jazmine


  1. What a special treat! First, the best box ever and then, the best cat contraband inside! Yippee for first Secret Paws!

  2. What a pawsome Secret Paws! A Pawsome box that gave you even more pawsome gifts from your Secret Paws friends!

  3. What a wonderful Secret Paws package.

    Thank you for participating in Secret Paws this year.