Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Secret Paws Gifts Are Ready To Be Shipped!!

Hi all it's Cody!

I finally got my Mom to get off of her lazy butt and help me wrap presents for my Secret Paws!! Mom and I sure hope that he/she or they, enjoy their gifts! Mom isn't the best gift wrapper in the world and we will see tape and how about that lame gift in the back? It doesn't even have Christmas wrapping paper cause Mom ran out and was too lazy cheap to go and buy some more! Geeze!!!

Anyway, we can't say too much about these presents because the kitty (or kitties) who are going to receive these gifts were pretty specific about their likes and dislikes....(that in and of itself is a hint!!)

So, Mom will be going to the Post Office tomorrow or Friday (hopefully tomorrow!) and will send these off...and we will be mailing holiday cards at the same time!

Thanks to all who sent us holiday cards via email and snail mail, Mom and I are loving each and every one! We are going to be featuring ALL of the holiday cards that we have received on our blog on Christmas Eve if you are around, and bored waiting for Santa to come, pussyfoot on by!

Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Christmas!

Cody and Mom


  1. Sometimes humans can take a while to do things, it's true. Looks like you had fun putting it all together. We love reading everyone's opening presents posts!

    Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal

  2. We can hardly wait to read who got them!