Sunday, January 10, 2016

Katie & Waffles Score Big!

WAFFLES:  Priority?! This HAS to be good!

KATIE:  You know that box is for both of us, don't you? It's our Secret Paws gift. OUR Secret Paws gift.

WAFFLES:  BOSS! This box is loaded with cool presents and stuff! 

KATIE:  For both of us, remember?

WAFFLES:  This is totally for me. 

WAFFLES:  And so is this. 

WAFFLES:  And this too. Look! it's a Waffle! On account of I'm Waffles.

KATIE:  Serenity now.

WAFFLES:  Hey, Boss. I'll borrow you the abomi-nibble snowman guy. Careful, he squeaks.

KATIE:  It's Abominable, Waffles. Not abomi-nibble.

WAFFLES:  Whatever Boss, I think he tastes pretty good.

WAFFLES:  And Boss! Check out the butterfly and bug balls! I'll borrow you the butterfly if you want! I call firsties on the bugs.

WAFFLES:  There's even CANDY. For me and for Glogirly. 

KATIE:  So much for your New Years Resolution of 'sharing' more.

Thank You to our Secret Paws!
THANK YOU to Julie and the Church Cats, Bridget, Tinker, Chopin and Anastasia. You sure know how to spoil a couple of blogging cats! ...and our girl too. We love our treats and toys SO very much. From the catnip Greenies to the freeze dried chicken (!) to the bug balls and handmade waffle toy... (and those are just a few of the cool things we received) we thank you from the bottom of our furry little hearts.

Katie & Waffles

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Secret Paws Gifts Received

It took us until a couple of days after Christmas to finally convince Mom to let us open our Secret Paws gifts. We know she wasn't trying to be mean. We know she and Dad were super busy with Fiona and not in a very festive mood.
Let us tell was worth the wait. We've never seen such a treasure trove of goodies all at one time. But before we show you the prezzies, we want to reveal who our Secret Paws gift giver was.

Secret Paws 2015

Except for Astrid, who watched from the dining room table, we all got involved in checking out the loot. Even Fiona felt well enough to purrticipate.

secret paws 2014

secret paws 2015
secret paws 2015We received treats, noms, and lots of toys, including a wand toy with purple feathers and a bird toy that chirps. We also got this Snacky Snowman. We had the treats out of it within seconds. There also was a beautiful green Christmas stocking and cozy blanket (shown here with Mom's gifts: a bracelet, holiday pin and small hinged box with angel cat.) The blue-eyed, white kitty looks just like our angel brofur, Madison, which touched Mom's heart.
We love all our gifts and send special thanks to Samantha and her mom for taking such care in choosing the most wonderful presents.

Secret Paws Gifts Sent

We agreed this year to be matched with a Secret Paws purrticipant located outside the U.S. We were so excited when we were matched with dear New Zealand friends, DashKitten. Mom was late to mail and was certain they wouldn't get their gifts until after Christmas, but we received word that they arrived on Christmas Eve. Mom Marjorie has posted photos of a couple items on their blog. That was nice, as our empty-headed mom only took a photo after she had wrapped everything.

Secret Paws 2015

Do you like the wrapping paper Mom had made for us? It matched our Christmas card, which she actually got in the mail today. For those of you who live outside the U.S., we figure you might get your card in time for Valentine's Day. In the next few days, while our dad is watching football, Mom will do her best to get our e-mail cards sent.
We want to thank Truffle, Brûlée and Mom Paula (Sweet Purrfections) for all the hard work they do to set up the Secret Paws gift exchange.

SecretPaws2015 ParticipantSidebarBadge

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


Our Secret Paw - from DOWN UNDER!

Faraday here, with our 2015 SECRET PAW UPDATE!

This year, we received two amazing, fun-filled packages from the sunny Land of Down Under: from our friends d'Artagnan Rumblepurr and Diego 'Hamlet' Moonfur, of the blog Rumblebum!

They sent one package directly to us, and sent another package to us shipped from Baby Patches' online pet store, Nip and Bones.  SCORE!

Check it out! We got WAND Toys (a REAL Da Bird which somekitty might have already deaded but we won't point paws).

AAAND all the way from new Zealand, we gotted freeze dried deliciousness, too!

And an amazingly PINK Yeeeooowww toy Allie immediately claimed (gee we wonder WHY?!?).
Rumor has it that somekitty was too *ahem* stoned to be reached for comment.

Although some roving repurrter may have caught her in a bit of a spat with Maxie over the OTHER wand toy....

Thank you SO much, Rumbles & Hammy! 
We looooove the WHOLE Megillah!


The Florida Furkids Secret Paws!

Hi everyone!  We are so excited to share our Secret Paws presents with you.   As you will see, not only did we get fabulous presents BUT everything was wrapped beautifully.  Our Secret Paw really put lots of thought and attention into our gifts!!

Our Secret Paw package came from our pals Angel, Max and Kirby  at A Wizard and an Angel

We put a slideshow together of us opening our gifts.  If there are some missing in the photos it's because we all picked favorites and ran off with them!   Mom also got an adorable cat calendar and a super fun pen.  Click HERE to visit our blog and see her presents!


Many thanks to Angel, Max, Kirby and Mom Nancy for the fabulous gifts.  You were super generous and we loved everything!!  We also want to thank Mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections to putting together the 2015 Secret Paw.  We know it's a lot of work and, once again, you did a fantastic job!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Thank You King Spitty!

Thank You King Spitty!

One of my fave mancats Spitty was my Secret Paws! I was so excited when the box arrived. The package was huge and heavy. I think when TW saw it was from San Francisco, she secretly wished it contained 10 lbs of Ghirardelli chocolate but that’s neither here nor there. It was all about ME not her although there were gifts for both her and even Pop.

Thank You King Spitty!

Upon opening the package, I found a handsome autographed photo of Spitty—be still my heart—and a card containing the smallest piece of Spitty.

Thank You King Spitty!

The prezzies were all nicely wrapped. Spitty did a fine job of overseeing the wrapping. All gifts were wrapped in festive tissue paper; most were without tape so I could use the tissue for play without getting stuck to it.

Thank You King Spitty!

I got tons of prezzies that I’m just beginning to enjoy. I got food (Wellness), treats (Greenies & Wellness Kittles), my own blankie, three kinds of nip and some toys. We/TW got a pretty blue blankie that perfectly matches her robe and Pop got memorabilia of some SF sports teams. They both want me to thank Spitty’s human for thinking of them.

Thank You King Spitty!

I’m not even through yet! A few days after Christmas, a package of peacock feathers arrived! All the writing was in Chinese with no hint of who sent it. Several PM’s later, I had my answer: they were part of my Secret Paws!

Thank You King Spitty!

One of the toys is heart-shaped and I’ve been tugging on Spitty’s heart strings since then.

Thank You King Spitty!

Spitty and his human went above and beyond my/our expectations. Thanx, guys, for helping to make a sick kitteh’s Christmas merry and bright. Although I do have to ponder this—with all the noms and treats Spitty sent, does he like his ladycats fat? HAH!

To read more about why it took so long to write this blog, see the complete write up.

Thank Mew Colehaus Cats

Here we are with our wonderfur box from our Secret Paws. Dad can you lend a paw hand...
Sure Timmy. Gather around my little furries... first out of the box is...

Oh My Catness. Rumpy its a Quint Original!
Humph, I have that much talent in my taileo!
Rumpy you have no taileo.
Ummm, never mind...
Thank Mew Quint and all the Colehaus cats, Mom  and Dad for being our Secret Paws Friends. 

Hey Dad! You have some fun things too, Yummy noms
Mmm those really look good Einstein. Thanks so much!

Look Dad, a fun book to read to us from. 
And Wow Me-ow more toys

Ah tryin but is diffurculter
Good job Buddy you almost had it open.
Dad a hand please...

Sure Timmy, let me just...

Thanks Dad. Cat O Cat, I can't believe it... 
A Nippy Nanner and Nippy Carrot.
Whiifffffff... iiieeeeeee... Mmmmm good.

Let me at that Carrot, it smells Divine!
*Kick, Kick, Kicky - Kick*
Go fur it Timmy

Thanks Toby, don't mind if I do...

I'm going play in this big and roomy box for awhile

I like the wrapping, smells like Nip!

Timmy, act your age!
I am, it's Christmas... Wheeeee!
MOL You are soooo right, lets play

Whut a wunnerfur Christmaser Rumperz
It sure is Buddy Budd, the best ever!

Yoo betcha Rumperz. An lookee all da cardz!

An here some more, see yourz? Click da photo ta Biggafy
Timmerz whered yoo going?

I am taking a bit of a rest in our new big box
MOL Ok-do-k.

Thanks so much Colehaus Cats and Mom and Dad. The package was as close to as you packed it as pawsible. We had so much fun unwrapping everything. You are some great friends indeed!

Thanks to all our friends who make holidays so much fun with cards both snail and email. We love you all.

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete