Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Florida Furkids Secret Paws!

Hi everyone!  We are so excited to share our Secret Paws presents with you.   As you will see, not only did we get fabulous presents BUT everything was wrapped beautifully.  Our Secret Paw really put lots of thought and attention into our gifts!!

Our Secret Paw package came from our pals Angel, Max and Kirby  at A Wizard and an Angel

We put a slideshow together of us opening our gifts.  If there are some missing in the photos it's because we all picked favorites and ran off with them!   Mom also got an adorable cat calendar and a super fun pen.  Click HERE to visit our blog and see her presents!


Many thanks to Angel, Max, Kirby and Mom Nancy for the fabulous gifts.  You were super generous and we loved everything!!  We also want to thank Mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections to putting together the 2015 Secret Paw.  We know it's a lot of work and, once again, you did a fantastic job!

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