Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Secret Paws is Here!!

 We had a nice surprise last night, as our Secret Paws package arrived!!  We were curious to see who it was from, so mom let us start to open it.  Thank you Cinco, Manna, and Mom Robin from Playful Kitty for all the wonderful and fun looking goodies!
Oliver inspected the box, as it was a rather large box! 
The packages were numerous and all wrapped in such pretty paper.  Oliver immediately started trying to eat the ribbon, so mom had to take it off :)  
Oliver is wondering why Cousin Georgie is coming over...there are no presents for him!  We will share with everyone boys...no greedy kitties allowed in this house.
Tanner loved that some were marked specifically for him...how clever! 
I caught Tanner back near the presents later in the evening...does he look "caught" to you?

We will open our gifts a few at a time to spread the joy and celebration out.  


  1. Looking like a great Secret Paws package at your house! Love Tanner's "busted" look :)

  2. Hey, opening a little at a time is a wonderful idea! We should have talked to you days ago! We're still waiting to open ours. Bet you're finding lots of great things!