Monday, December 7, 2015

Secret Paws Package Shipped

 This is the mom to the Four Crazy Cats here.  The boys gave me quite a list of items to pick up for our special friends this year.
Oliver was making sure I had picked up everything...did I get it all Oliver? 
Tanner snoopervised the wrapping... 
Oh no Tanner - we are almost out of paper!

All but one gift managed to get wrapped...we hope our friends like their package!


  1. OOooo, how exciting! Your gifts look so pretty!

  2. We hope to get our stuff shipped by Friday!

  3. I am sure there will be some very happy kitties somewhere!

  4. That is some beautiful paper! The boys were way quieter than the boys here, our packages had a lot more "love" by time they had 'helped' me :)