Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cheshire Kitten And Family In Christnip Bliss

Dear Waffles, Katie, and Glogirly,

Thank you so much! We are so happy with our gifts!

Something for everyone: nip toys, chicken treats, balls, tea accessories, TISSUE PAPER, and a BOX. (Some of our other presents got mixed in with the cool stuff Katie and Waffles sent, like the beachball.)

We had two unboxings, one downstairs on Christmas and one upstairs on Boxing Day.

Cheddar started the party with the nip banana.

I got to play with the nip Christmas tree before anyone else.
Bleu tried to fit in the box, but he is a BIG kitty, so although he had fun trying, he did not succeed. He played with the banana instead.

Nutmeg had the most fun with the nip tree.

Becket watched her from the safety of Upstairs Human's bed.

Colby wasn't sure what to make of everything at first.

Belle, Huck and Sparkle got lots of freeze-dried chicken treats.

Thank you, Truffle and Brulee, for making Secret Paws happen!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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