Saturday, December 19, 2015

Our Secret Paws Came!

 Our Secret Paws came the other day!  It's from Savannah and The Kid Sage!

 Laila was in awe of all the pretty packages with the little bows and shiny curled ribbon.

 Such wonderful smells coming from the pretty packages.  We think Savannah and TKS left some of their furs and scents on them for us.

Oh, Mom, can't we please open them now?  She says not until next week.  We'll show you what we get then.


  1. whoa! How lucky can you get. Last year I picked you and this year my BFGF picked you! They wrap better though.

  2. Could you guys beg our mom to let us open our package early too? Bet you got great gifts in there!

  3. Ohhhhh Savvy and Sage, how fun! Our Mom gave up and let us open since we kept chewing on the packages MOL!