Monday, December 21, 2015

Oh My!!!

WHEEEE!  Hai Peeps!

Our Secret Paws package came this weekend!  MomKatt has said we can't open the presents 'til Xmas Eve (they will be visiting our paternal g'mother on Xmas Day, so they open their presents to each other and us the night before.)

I had a little bit of a bad day yesterday - something spooked me Sat. night and no one could find me Sunday morning.  MomKatt knew something was wrong when I wasn't at the bedroom door waiting with the others for the pawrents to come out.  DadKatt finally found me - I was hiding in the stacks of big moving boxes - I felt very safe and concealed there.  MomKatt talked me out of there and petted and re-assured me.  Soon I was running around like normal and had a relaxing nap.

And a card, too! 

MomKatt opened the box but wouldn't let us see anything other than those peanuts - Nutmeg tried her best to steal some, but the Peanut Patrol was hep to her shenanigans!  

When I awoke and saw the box, MomKatt showed me that my Secret Paws had put a sticker on the outside of the box  Hey!  That looks just like ME!"

 I love the scarf and booties.  Wonder if they've sent me some??  It IS starting to get cold here.  (MomKatt wonders how long it'll last.)

So at least now I know!  We can't wait to open our presents!!!  Thank you thank you!!!



  1. Our mom and dad are making us wait until Christmas eve too and we've discovered whining about it won't make the time go any faster. *sigh* But think of the fun we'll have then when everyone else has already opened theirs! Have a wonderful Chrissymouse!

  2. Can't wait to see what you got! Love that kitty sticker :)